D -->

D —> Does it?

— centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA] —

CT: D —> Hrrrk

AA: 0_0

CT: D —> Hrrrrrrk

D —> Hmm

D —> Not very well

((Everybody knows your fingers don’t move when you’re in the computer DUH))


(( Hey guise, is cholostuck still a thing?…no? Ok.
Rather than cholostuck this looks more like… pachucostuck or something, hahaha SHUT UP! I don’t care… ))
D —> You got a problem ese?

(( Guys„, I’m SO sorry I haven’t updated this, it’s just that I just got a new computer, and I don’t have photoshop yet in here, and you know, holidays coming and all that stuff, I have some answers, just… not edited, so, in the meantime… have this video of us being… well, trolls… at the con about a month ago… <3 ))

D —> Trolls are known to e%cel in such facial e%pression

(( Thank you all for 1,000 followers„, and for all the likes and reblogs. I’m glad that you like and support this so far <3 ))

D —> E%cuse me

D —> That was a f001ish facial e%pression

D —> I had something in my eye

D —> Don’t touch me, human scum

D —> You will be severely punished

D —> That is a f001ish question to ask

D —> She is without a doubt the best hoofed beast, no e%ceptions

D —> Rarity shall be the ruler of the other insignificant citizens of the so called “Equestria”

D —> Hold your horses
D —> You cannot question me anymore, the ask bo% is closed
D —> You humans are FAST and f100ded it in a matter of hours
D —> E%pect some answers in the course of this week
(( Also, you should totally read all the poop Im about to type down there vvv ))
(( Okay, first of all thank you for all the questions, commentaries, follows, reblogs, likes, naked pictures, marriage proposals, etc, etc, etc
Now for some pointers, I was not expecting this much questions SO Ill be working on the answers ASAP, Ill dare to say that the blog will be updated about once a week or so, you see, I have a job and go to school so I dont have much free time so putting on the cosplay, taking the pictures and edit them will be hard work for me, hopefully I can please everyone, if not answering their questions, at least with my posts :D
Also! Please, please dont expect like, perfect Equius roleplaying since, for one, Im not the best roleplayer out there, and, Im not a native speaker so all the complicated words and horse puns he uses are kinda difficult for me So for the most part Ill just have to use my kawaii looks (^u^)y
And thats pretty much it if youre still reading this, good job, you get a hug from Equius Im not going to post it you just gonna have to use your imagination Marko~ ))